About Me

I am passionate about observing nature and have been keeping nature journals for many years. A move to Long Island from the Boston area three years ago gave me an opportunity to begin a second career and I am building a small business that practices ecologically-sensitive landscape design. Restoration of woodland in our backyard and re-designing the gardens to encourage wildlife habitat will be an on-going project. Lessons learned and encounters with nature along the way will inspire me and my clients alike.

Our house in Stony Brook sits on glacial moraine under a canopy of oak-dominated woodland. Our front yard has a manicured look of trimmed yew hedges, but no lawn to speak of. In back is a swimming pool surrounded by a tangled wood. Bittersweet vines test the virility of many trees. English ivy transforms mighty oaks into nebulous blobs. Abandoned Japanese ilex hedge, multiflora rose and poison ivy make up the shrub layer of the degraded woodland. There is work to do on this plot of the earth that is my responsibility. A record of nature, ecology and wildlife will encourage me and provide solace and joy as I go forward.

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