Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer. It's about time!


Full moon. Summer solstice. It’s about time for blog entry!

The tangled wood is almost impenetrable and the garden is overwhelmed with weeds after the rains of previous weeks. In honor of National Pollinator Week, I searched for some pollinators amongst the flowers that seem to have bloomed late this season.
Grasshopper on Evening Primrose
I enjoy watching the activity around the penstemon. The tubular flowers fit the bees’ hairy bodies like a glove. It seems that tiny green bees like to visit yellow flowers, such as coreopsis and evening primrose. 

Hidden amongst the flowers and foliage are insects that will take front stage later in the summer, with their song and stridulations. Is that a young grasshopper on the primrose petal? A katydid seeks camouflage on a milkweed leaf.

Katydid on Milkweed Leaf

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  1. Sue, I'm so happy to read your latest posting and I love the photos and the color combo of the penstemon and evening primrose. The plant you gave me with the red flowers look pretty fantastic after a rather harsh end of winter with all those snowstorms we got just when we thought we were safe!

    Our chickadees left the nest ages ago, and the house wrens are just about to leave. They're making such a racket in their little house. The poor parents are constantly moving too and fro, finding bugs for their noisy family.

    There are two turkey moms who have now joined up for turkey day care. One has seven babies and the other four. They stroll around together and it's quite a sight.

    We also have had a red tail hawk nest behind a house on Winchester Street. I've been watching it for what seems like ages. Yesterday, the two babies finally left the nest and were each sitting on a branch underneath each other on a large pine tree next to their nesting tree. Today, they were gone. And so the cycle goes...