Sunday, April 22, 2012

House wren territory

The house wren has returned to claim its territory amongst the boughs of the flowering dogwood tree. Both bird and tree are putting on quite a show. The strong, staccato warble of the tiny bird can be heard throughout the day. On the tree, greenish-yellow flowers are encircled by four heart-shaped bracts, massed in layers of white that float in the breeze and seem to be especially vibrant at sunset or on this overcast, rainy day. The much-needed rain is a relief permitting the tree canopy to leaf-out as spring green. Virginia creeper vines are also coming out of winter hiding.

1 comment:

  1. Sue, I'm so happy to hear about the wren! And love your description of the dogwood. What a pretty photograph and I think I see a little wren house hanging from one of the branches.

    The wrens appeared at Nahanton last Sunday with quite a lot of fanfare. Don't they remind you of little Napolean's? So little, but so strong and vivacious.